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We have designed a new contract it is called “License of Occuption”.  You can go to our website, on the left look for Park Rules.  Look for License of Occupation and download the document.  Read it.  Fill it in, sign it and bring it to the office along with a current copy of the insurance information and ownership of trailer.  Don’t have a computer, that’s ok, we will do it for you right here at the office.



We have also revised the Park Rules, you can download this word document as well and find out if there is anything new.  Most of your questions will be answered here. 



We have posted the seasonal pricing on the bulletin board as well so you have all the information.



Winterizing sign up is at the office. The cost is $85.00 payable by cash or check (made to Dave’s Mobile RV Service).  Please ensure we have a set of keys at the office, all winterizing will be complete the week we close the park. 



Don’t forget to bring in your deposits for next year, all deposits are due by Oct 1, 2017 to secure your spot for the up and coming season.




Thank you,










Please pay by cash or check.

Sign up at the office.

Make sure we have a set of keys.


Dave will be coming in the week after we close to winterize all the trailers at once.


Thank you. 

September Newsletter



Wow, September, the leaves are already starting to turn color, remember to bring your cameras to get some great family photos.  As the kids get ready to go back to school we still have 5 more weeks of camping left!  Lots of time to relax and enjoy the warm fall that has been forecasted. 


It has been a very busy summer despite the crazy weather we have been experiencing this year.  It’s been a struggle to keep the pool in the mid to high 70’s but the heater is on every day.  Although it never seems to slow down the children, they enjoy the pool regardless of the temperature.  We will be closing it up on Tues, Sept the 5th until next season. 


The Labour Day Weekend will be a great time to enjoy the warm weather, hang out with friends and gather together for the Pot Luck Dinner on Sunday (Sept 3rd) at 5:00 PM all campers are welcome.  We know after this weekend, people start to wind down and start closing up, so we look forward to joining you all for dinner.  Remember to watch the board for the schedule of events that are being planned for the weekend.


Don’t forget all seasonal campers (including those that just purchased trailers this summer) are required to put their deposit on their lot for 2018 by October 1st.  A $400.00 minimum deposit is required now and the balance is due by May 1st, 2018.  If you wish to pull your trailer out, we ask that you let us know on or before October the 1st.  Closing day for the park will be Monday October the 9th, we will shut off the water and the hydro after the last camper has closed up.


Also, for those of you that want to have your trailer’s winterized, we will be signing people up at the office, I am looking into a couple of options, once finalized, we will post the information on the bulletin board up front with pricing and other important details. 


It’s been an interesting summer with some new families coming into the park, so if anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to come to the office and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.   It’s great to see so many kids of all different ages in the park, making new friends and enjoying the outdoors, not to mention the adults doing the same thing. 


Last note, as the leaves start to fall, we will gather all the leaves that are bagged and left at the end of your driveway, any leaves left in piles will be left there for you to bag them up and dispose of them yourself.  We compost and burn them on a regular basis, however, we don’t want campers dumping their leaves on the burn pile without notifying us first.  Thank you for your co-operation in this matter, it’s always a big job this time of year and we try to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Keep in mind, it is your responsibility to clean your leaves on your own lot.  Anyone who has not cleaned their leaves by May long weekend 2018, we will start doing them for you and charging you accordingly.  So many of you do such a great job of keeping your lots so tidy and clean let’s all do our part to keep the park looking as awesome as it does.  Thank you all for all your hard work, we love walking around and seeing how wonderful all the sites appear.  Enjoy the remainder of the season and happy camping!


Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Robyn, Sophie, Jesse, John, Sadie and Penny

August Newsletter

The August Long Weekend is going to be a busy one!  We are having our 3rd Annual Garage Sale on Saturday Aug 5th and we are expanding our sale to include Perennials, Bake Sale, and Artisan crafts.  We will be serving breakfast and lunch for a donation, come have a cup of coffee with us or join us for lunch.  There will be burgers, sausages and hot dogs.  We would love to see you all.  Then on Sunday Aug 6th join us for our Halloween celebration.  There will be trick or treating in the park, all the children can join in and go trailer to trailer for treats, as well, we have a special Haunted surprise!!!

It’s so great to see everyone taking such great care of their sites; people have taken great pride in their little getaway here at the Park.  We are doing our best to keep up with the grass cutting and general maintenance.  The pool has been a bit of a challenge keeping it up to 80, however, it is 85 today!  Great day to go for a swim!

The weekend of Aug 10 – 13 is Shelburne’s Annual Music Heritage Festival (formerly known as Fiddle Weekend) there is always great music and great food in town, plan to attend you won’t be disappointed.

We are planning on having our own personal camping weekend, we haven’t figured out the details but on the weekend of Aug 25, 26 and 27th we are having a Travis Camping Weekend.  We will have limited staff and we will be unavailable except for emergencies only.  There will be no outside camping reservations taken, and we will block off time at the pool for our own personal use and time at the barn as well.  As we figure out the details we will make them available to the campers, but consider us on holiday at our own home.  This is not a reason to break the rules, have excessive noise or any other behaviour that would make us come to your site to give out a warning.  We know you will respect our private time and we thank you for allowing us to be a little selfish for one weekend this summer.

We will also start planning our year end BBQ after this long weekend it will be Sunday Sept 3rd and the events that go along with it.  Penny will start selling the year end draw tickets to the seasonal campers; they are $20.00 each with a cash prize, winner to be drawn at the Year End BBQ. 

Please continue to donate your beer, liquor and wine bottles to our bottle draw.  Donations will go to our charity of choice as well as some of the donations coming back to the park, our goal is to purchase a new swing set and have it installed by the start of 2018!  Special thanks to Ed Gallant, even though they have sold their trailer, he continues to come weekly to gather up the empties and return them to the beer store for deposits.  We wish Ed and Jill all the best in their new adventures as they give up camping for now and we hope to see their smiling faces for many visits throughout the season.

Many of you have heard we are looking into expanding our serviced seasonal lots into the back field; we should have more information soon with drawings and pricing this month.  Once we have our plan of action with dates and such, we will pass along the information to our campers; we are excited to bring more hydro into the park, to help resolve some of our issues we have experienced over the years.  This could allow us to do so many things that we have wanted to do for some time now that benefits all of you..............More good things to come.... Stay tuned....................                               Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Robyn, Sophie and Jesse


   Newsletters for 2016

September Newsletter

Wow, how did we get to the last long weekend of the summer!  What a gorgeous weekend it looks like it is going to much to look forward to, hayrides, games for kids and adults, soaking up the pool,  texas hold ‘em, yearend pot luck dinner, socializing and sunshine and so much more.......

For seasonal campers, if you are staying next season you will want to get your deposit for 2017 in by October 1st, 2016.  (If you are leaving, please notify the office by Oct 1st, we have people calling every week for a seasonal site, we can book them in now if there is space available).  Everyone is required to put a $400.00 deposit on their site for 2017, it is non-refundable and that amount is deducted from your fees due May 1st, 2017. Any deposits not received by Oct 1st will be subject to a late fee of $25.00.  Prices are going up in 2017, if you pay in full by Monday, May 1st, 2017 at midnight, you will get 2016 pricing, if you are a day late and a dollar owing, you will be subject to the new pricing.  This will make it fair for everyone.  We will be in the office all weekend April 28, 29 and 30th, 2017 for your convenience.  We accept post dated checks, debit, visa, mastercard  or you can do an etransfer if you prefer, I will offer a couple of payment plans to make it easier for all of you.  You have 7 months to plan and budget so all of you should be able to get in by the deadline.  If you are unclear of how your payment works, ask Rose directly and I will give you a straight answer.

Winterizing is on the horizon, Dave from Dave’s Mobile RV Service has offered to winterize trailers again this season.  It will be $85.00 including tax, if you have a second toilet it will be $90.00, payment in cash or check payable to Dave’s Mobile RV Service.  You can sign up at the office, just as you have in the past and we will arrange for the service to be done.

Thanks to all of you that have done such a wonderful job keeping your sites and trailers neat and tidy.  It is so wonderful to walk around the park and see what a great job you all have done.   There will be a couple of seasonal lots coming open for the 2017 season, if you have any friends or family looking for a spot have them contact Rose to see about camping next year.

We are organizing a new way to handle the events for next year, we are looking for volunteers to help out with one event a year, so there is not a big commitment but looking for lots of participation.  Organizing an event means you get to choose something you like to do and it also gives you an opportunity to meet so many of the campers here at the park.... Come sign up for next year’s social events at the office, we would love to hear from you.

Don't forget about our bottle drive, you guys have been awesome at contributing your empties all season long and we currently have over $1200.00 in donations, we will be donating the proceeds in honor of those campers that have based this 2016 season.  We will publish the amounts and the names at the end of October.  Thank you again for all your donations.  And a special thank you to Ed Gallant for taking the empties back, week after week all season long.

Our last day of camping will be Monday Oct 10, 2016, the park closes and services are shut down.  If you wish to come after that time you are welcome to clean up leaves, we will only pick them up if you have bagged them and left them at the edge of your lot.  Clean garbage bags or paper bagsare the only ones we will accept, if they are left piled at the edge of your lot, we will not pick them up.  We kindly ask if we put road blocks up in the off season, it is to deter people from driving on the roads. So you can park at the main building and walk to your site.   

The dumpster will be closed after Oct 10th, so any garbage you accumulate afterward you must take home with you, there will be no garbage pickup after that date.  Thank you all for observing and respecting our rules thru out the year, that is why I always say we have the best campers because they are always so considerate.  Enjoy the last 5 weeks of camping, looks like a beautiful fall.......remember to bring your cameras with you and take pictures, we are so blessed to have such a beautiful park and fall is probably one of the prettiest times to be here!  Thank you all for all you do everyone to make this place one of my favorite places to be ever!

Seasonal Camping Payment Options:

Based on a 15 amp serviced lot with no extras - $1675.00 + 217.75 = 1892.75 (2016 Pricing)


1.      Deposit paid on Oct 1st                                                    $400.00

Final Payment    May 1st                                                  $1492.75

Total Paid                                                                    $1892.75

2.      Deposit paid on Oct 1st                                                    $400.00

Second Payment Feb 1st                                                   $400.00

Final Payment May 1st                                                    $1092.75

Total Paid                                                                   $1892.75

3.      Deposit paid on Oct 1st                                                   $400.00

Second Payment Dec 1st                                                  $400.00

Third Payment  Feb 1st                                                    $400.00

Final Payment   May 1st                                                   $692.75

Total Paid                                                                  $1892.75      

Feel free to exercise any one of these options as well as other methods that could work for you.  We accept cash, check, debit, visa, mastercard and etransfer.

For an etransfer you can email me at

Please call or email first to let me know and give me the answer to the security question so I can complete the transaction.  This seems to be an easy way to pay on time without the drive to the park if you are from out of town.

Thank you in advance and I welcome any questions or suggestions that work best for you.



August Newsletter


Well we still have lots of summer left.....and boy it’s been a hot one.  And I thank all you campers that have been able to manage the heat and stay cool in the pool or in the shade and use your air conditioning sparingly and when necessary.  Reminder, not to leave your pets in your trailer all day, it’s not fair to your pet or the campers that may be disturbed by its constant barking not to mention the amount of hydro required to run air conditioning for the day while you are away.  Currently (July 24th) there is still no fire ban in place for Mono Township, however, it is very dry.  We are asking all campers to maintain a very low flame (1 foot high or less) and keep a bucket of water nearby and always put your campfire completely out before heading to bed...


It is with sadness that we announce one of our campers has passed away, Vern Plant, Site 51, and long time partner of Mary Carver, who just turned 90, died on July 16th.  He will be fondly remembered by many campers here at the Park for his sense of humor, love of cards and great stories, may he rest in peace.


We have had a very successful bottle drive so far this year, please continue to contribute to our drive to make it even more successful than last year, we have raised well over $600.00 to be donated to charity at the end of the season.  The charity has not been determined but will be announced at the year-end BBQ September 4th.  DON”T FORGET TO GET YOUR TICKET FOR THE YEAR END SEASONAL DRAW, its $20.00 a ticket..... See Penny on Site 159!


Also, I would like to thank Norm Cutting who graciously donated a brand new picnic table that is in the children’s park.  I am sure it will be well used for years to come.


With the August Long Weekend upon us, please make sure you check the office for all the events.  We are having Halloween on Sunday July 31st.  There will be trick or treating and our famous Haunted House, you don’t want to miss out; all campers young and old are welcome to visit the Haunted House. Also, on the August Long Weekend, there will be a yard sale in the park on Saturday, if you wish to donate or sell or purchase any treasures you are welcome to join us, see Jean, Site 151 for details.


Just a quick introduction, we have a new staff member in the office, Sophie, will be working part-time on the weekends until we close for the season.  We are fortunate to have such great staff here at the park, from the students/family members/ to our maintenance and cleaning crew, we thank you for your continued hard work even through the warm weather challenges, things still look awesome!


We are looking for volunteers for our events, anyone from students who need community hours to people who may be new and want to meet some of the other campers, we would love to have your input and your time.  If you have a unique talent or just enjoy having fun, we would love to talk to you.  We still have lots to look forward to, from our Halloween Celebration, new Heritage Festival (Aug 4-8th) in town, trip to St Jacobs (Aug 13th), September Long Weekend Celebration and Year End BBQ and more....

Special thanks to Jill and Ed Gallant that take charge of our social events and ensure they go off without a hitch every time!  We are looking for a few people that would like to volunteer just a few hours one day a summer to help your social committee continue to be a success.......


We look forward to spending more time with each and every one of you this summer; we love to hear about your families, your adventures and your wonderful stories.  We remind you to inform us if you notice that something may need our attention and we haven’t noticed or maybe just haven’t been able to get to it yet, but a friendly reminder is always welcome.....thank you all for making our summer memorable........    Your staff Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Josh, Norm, Tori, Jordan, Sophie, John and Sadie                                                               


May Newsletter 

 Welcome to all campers new and those that have been here for awhile....... It’s been an interesting winter for all of us I am sure.  On Easter weekend we experienced a major ice storm in Dufferin County and some areas had more damage than I can describe.  We at Primrose Park are blessed to have had very minimal damage.  However that being said, we just had our tree service crew in for the past two days trimming and cutting all the branches that were left hanging to make it safe for all you campers to arrive and enjoy the campground.  Clean up will continue into May and possibly thru out the summer, please be aware of your surroundings and remind the children to not play in the ravine between the campsites and the recreation barn.  There are several very tall trees that feel during the ice storm and potential could be dangerous for the children to be playing in there, so please tell remind children to stay away from this area all together.  We want your experience here to be relaxing and enjoyable and that is what we strive for every year.

We will be working on our social calendar over the next few weeks and will post a newsletter with up and coming events to plan for.  We have an awesome group of campers here at Primrose Park and we look forward to socializing and enjoying your company. 

Tori will be back this summer working in the store and Josh will be our outside worker, cutting grass, delivering firewood, clean up and the pool.  Norm will be back in the park this summer, enjoying the surroundings and cutting back on his hours as well. 

We would like to remind all of you to NOT BRING IN FIREWOOD THAT IS FROM ANOTHER AREA.  Firewood purchased in Dufferin County is fine, we DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FIREWOOD, SKIDS, PROCESSED WOOD THAT COMES FROM BRAMPTON, MISSISSAUGA, BARRIE OR ANY OTHER REGION OTHER THAN DUFFERIN COUNTY.  We apologize if this is a problem or inconvenience to you, however, the Food and Inspection Agency makes it very clear that this is not to be tolerated if we want to maintain our health treed property.  I am sure you can appreciate our concern and agree with the beauty we are surrounded with or you would probably be in a different park with no trees.  So we thank you for honouring this regulation and abiding by it for the continued wellbeing of our forested property. 

Clean up is always top priority here in the month of May for us and you guys alike.  A reminder that only the bagged leaves will be picked up at the edge of your lots., any leaves that are just raked to the curb will not be picked up by our staff, so once again we thank you for assisting us in keeping your campground as beautiful as it is. 

We have a few updates that we are diligently working towards completing for the May Long Weekend, so you too can enjoy your surroundings.  We are currently designing a new sign for the road, the elements have certainly taken it’s toll on it and we look forward to having the new sign installed soon with better lighting for you campers that arrive in the dark. 

Last reminder, to all you seasonal campers, the balance of your fees for 2016 are now due, anyone that has not paid there fees in full by May 1st, 2016 will be subject to a late fee.  We accept cash, check, debit, visa or mastercard for your convenience as well as etranser for those that like to pay online.  Our email address is just let me know that you have sent it so I look for it.                           

Year End Newsletter FOR 2015

Well, it’s that time of year we are talking about year-end deposits and winterizing, where did the summer go.......


Seasonals are responsible to have their deposits in by October 1, 2105 to avoid any late fees or possibly losing their spot.  I have a list of people wanting to come in for next season, so anyone not returning for the 2016 season, please let us know and we can contact the people waiting to come in.  When signing up for next season and leaving your deposit, remember to leave a post dated check for May 1st for the balance, (this will also avoid incurring any late fees in the spring).  If you wish to use the 3 payment plan, Oct 1st $400.00, Feb 1, 2016 $400.00 and the balance May 1st, 2015 that is also fine with us, we can certainly accommodate this program.


I have discussed winterizing with a gentleman, Dave Skilling.  We have to confirm a price and dates and the guarantee.  A few of our campers have used him this summer and seem satisfied with his work and I will be meeting with him this week to confirm.  If people are unsure of using someone new, we can also make arrangements with Gimme Shelter next door, just come see us in the office and we will assist in any way we can.


Currently, Sept 11, our donations are at $879.95, we will continue to collect the empty beer and liquor bottles to do our best to reach a total donation of $1000.00.  This comes from individual donations as well as the money raised at the August Garage Sale.  Please help us in reaching our goal but continuing to donate your empties.  A big thank you goes to Ed Gallant for collecting them every week since May long weekend for such a wonderful cause.


The final balance sheet for the Social Committee will be posted in the next week so everyone can see the money raised and spent over the course of the summer.  We are currently saving some of the social committee money to help purchase a new swing set for the children’s park.  We would all love to see it installed by next summer.  So all your money from the 50/50 draws and any other fundraising will continue to go to the new swing set for the children.


We appreciate all the campers who watch out for each other, continue to maintain their lots in an organized and appealing fashion and enjoy the company of each and every one.  You all have your own unique qualities and that is what makes Primrose Park such a family atmosphere.  We recognize the fact that there is always room for improvement on our behalf and continue to strive to create a warm and welcoming place to come and visit or spend the summer, and we appreciate your patience and we continue to work away at all the little jobs to be done at our pace physically and financially. 

It is always so nice to get compliments from visitors on the cleanliness of the park and especially our bathrooms (thank you John and Sadie for always being there).  As well as the positive remarks with regards to people’s lots and trailers.  I know it takes time and effort to keep up with these things and they do not go unnoticed. 


A special thank you to our new staff members, Tori and Maigin, Tori spends most of her weekend working in the store helping our campers check in and serving the customers ice cream and slushies.  Maigin has worked in the heat and the cold, cutting grass and cleaning the pool and doing garbage duty.  So thank you girls for working hard this summer to help us out, we appreciate your efforts.  Not to mention our faithful handyman, Norm.  Recovering from a very serious operation this winter and still continued to cut grass and help out this summer whenever he could.  We always appreciate all you do Norm, thanks again. 


Moving forward we will be strict with campers building any type of addition/deck or shed on in the future.  If you are going to build anything, please come see us before you purchase materials, give us a detailed description of what you will be doing.  If permits are required, you will have to present them before building.  If you have built a structure and the township comes in and states a building permit was required for your structure, it will be your responsibility to pay for any incurred costs related to this matter. 


All campers will be required to have a hard plastic pipe hook up for their septic.  The flexible hoses will no longer be acceptable.  This will probably reduce septic problems as well as odor problems. 


If you wish to install a satellite dish, we will not cut down a tree to accommodate a signal and you absolutely cannot put your dish on a tree.  If you cannot pick up a signal from a spot on your site, you may not be able to get a satellite.  We are still somewhat of a rustic campground, we only cut trees that are dead or are dying and are a danger to someone or a trailer.  People come here to enjoy the nature of our property. 


Lastly, please be mindful of where your children are at all times.  This summer there were a few out of the ordinary things that happened throughout the summer.  I hate to blame it on the kids/teens but I would be saddened to think it was adults.  There is no need for teenagers to wonder around the campground after 10:00 pm.  I tell all the kids they need to be on someone’s site by this time.    I know they are out there at 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, wondering around the back field, I have seen them personally.  Also, the amount of clean up every weekend of all the garbage left in the park has been on the increase this summer compared to most.  The golden rule in our home is “Treat others as you wish to be treated” and it seems to work for us, I extend that same sentiment to the campers.  I know it only takes a few to spoil it for the rest.  Sadly enough the ones reading this are the ones that follow the rules.....I know.....


Ok, enough already.......we have enjoyed all the fun this summer, right along with you campers from the Fireworks to the darts in the barn to the year end BBQ......already planning more fun for next summer, you might just have to come out to see what’s on the agenda....... Wishing you all a healthy and happy winter, we enjoy listening to all you family stories when you return in the spring.


Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Tori, Maigin and Norm







Summer has arrived early allowing everyone to get a jump start on clean up and enjoyment.  It is so great to see so many campers out early this year, thank you for your patience with the delay in turning on the water, it was a major concern for us but I think we might be past the frost and ice in the ground and ready to watch everything bloom and grace us with its beauty.


As always if you notice a leaky tap, or damage we may have missed, please inform us at the office so we can get things back in order.  We want to remind everyone recycling and compost is picked up on Tuesday and the garbage bin is emptied on Wednesday.  Any large items must not be left outside the bin without permission from management, we incur costs to dispose of large items which in turn will be passed along to the campers, and so by disposing of your large items yourselves at the local transfer station or your home is best for everyone.  Help keep this area clean since we all look at as we leave the park.  Saturday May 23rd is Hazardous Waste Day across the street at the Dufferin Works building from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm, this is a great opportunity to clean out those sheds of old paints, aerosol cans, batteries and any other explosives that are prohibited from going in the large bin and harm our landfills.  Also, we will only pick up the leaves that are bagged, we do not have the man power to go to the numerous sites and gather them up, if you have the means you can dump them in the burn pit at the back be mindful of the strong winds when doing so.  Finally fees are past due, any outstanding fees will be subject to and the increase for 2015.  The office will be open this weekend for payment.


Anyone wishing to volunteer for the social committee please let Jill on Site 109 know or come to the office and tell us your ideas.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, if half of you volunteered for an hour a summer we would have a very successful year.  We will be meeting on the Long Weekend of May to discuss the events for the season so this is a great opportunity to see what is going on. I will have a small yard sale on the Saturday, if anyone wants to participate in a group sale for July long weekend, let us know, we can plan for it as well.

Sad News

For those of you that may not know, we lost one of our campers in the winter, Peter Collins passed away after battling cancer for about a year and a half.  Those of you will remember Peter along with his wife Peggy organizing the Halloween and Haunted House event (he was always planning the next one before the current one was even over), the past parade floats, Christmas in the park, poker and anything else he could be involved with.  We will certainly miss his smiling face and infectious enthusiasm for these wonderful events.  For those campers that might be suffering illnesses, we pray that you are healed and have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful area.

So let us know if we can make your stay at Primrose Park more enjoyable, be kind to your neighbors and do something special for someone that you may not normally do, looking forward to saying hello to each and every one of you.                                                           Your team at Primrose Park




September Newsletter

            Wow it’s hard to believe it’s this time of year again, summer is almost over. The kids are getting ready to head back to school and here at the park we are preparing for our annual year end potluck dinner signifying the end of another fabulous summer!

            Just a reminder that time is running out to purchase a $5 ticket for the designer pillows on display in the store. The winner will be drawn at the B.B.Q. on Sunday. Tickets are still available in the store. Also a note to seasonal campers not to forget to purchase your yearend tickets for $20 from either the store or from Gini at site 114. Half the proceeds will be donated to the local food bank and the other half will be awarded to the winner. The winner will also be drawn at the yearend B.B.Q. on Sunday. Good luck to all who purchased a ticket!

            We are extending the bottle drive until closing October 13, 2014 and all the money collected will be donated to the Cancer Society, thank you all for your contributions we will confirm the final total at closing.

            As usual the social committee has planned a fun filled weekend for everyone, including kid’s games and hotdogs in the park, hayrides, horseshoes, a dance and lastly the yearend potluck B.B.Q. starting at 5pm on Sunday everyone is welcome! Bring your favourite dish and join us to celebrate another wonderful summer! See the complete list of events and times posted at the store.

            Seasonal campers please note that your $400.00 deposit for the 2015 camping season is due by October 1st, 2014. This deposit is required to hold your spot and the balance of your fees are due on May 1st, 2015. Any fees that are not paid in full by May 1st will be subject to pay next year’s seasonal fee increase as well as penalties. Seasonal campers already in the park are charged the 2014 prices if paid in full by May 1st, 2015. Also don’t forget to sign your trailer up for winterizing; you can do so in the store, the prices are the same as last years. Also just a reminder to seasonal camper’s that you are responsible to clean up the leaves on your site.  If you just leave them in a pile at the end of your lot they may not be picked up right away. So please be a good neighbour and camper and bag your leaves and we will be happy to compost them for you!

Thank you!     Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor and Norm J 




August Newsletter

            Wow, I can’t believe it’s already time to write an August newsletter. Time is truly flying by, before we know it the leaves will begin to change and kids will be getting ready to go back to school. Let’s hope the rain is over for the summer and that beautiful warm weather is ahead of us!

            As many of you know, Roni and Taylor hosted, “Camp Day For The Cure” here at the park last Saturday July 19th. They just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who donated your time, money, and participation for the day. It was truly amazing to see everyone doing something that helped such an amazing cause close to so many of our hearts. As of the last tally the day raised an astonishing $4097.37that was donated to the Canadian CancerSociety on Thursday July 24th. If you missed out on the event and would still like to donate you can do so in the store as well as participate in the bottle drive that will continue until August 31st. Also you can still buy tickets for the designer pillows until August 31st when the winner is pulled at the yearend BBQ. Tickets are $5 for the pillow and we will donate the money raised once again to the Canadian Cancer Society.

            Another long weekend is among us, here is your list of events! Stay posted for possible changes.   It will be Halloween in the Park on the August long weekend.

Saturday:  50/50 draw         1pm: Hayride              2pm-4pm: Hot Dogs & Kids Bingo

                  7pm: Texas Hold’em



Sunday:      50/50 draw             1pm: Hayride & Horse Shoes     6pm-7pm: Trick or Treating

7pm-8:30: Kids Halloween Dance    9pm-12am: Costume Adult Dance (Prize for best costume)

            Stay posted on upcoming events including, Fiddleville weekend August 7– 10, 2014, the St. Jacob’s bus trip on August23rd that you can sign up for at the office and of course the labour-day long weekend. Where the yearend pot luck BBQ will be happening down at the barn. Don’t forget to buy your year-end tickets from either Gini or Joanne or at the office and to sign up for the dish you are bringing to the BBQ in the office!  Don’t miss out on any of these events!

Thank you all so much for keeping your lots looking beautiful and all contributing to making this park the best it can be!

Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor, Norm and Chloe J


Join Us For Camp Day For The Cure! 

All proceeds are going to the Canadian Cancer Society!


Starting at 12pm -10pm

On July 19th


Games for all ages!

Live Entertainment,

Silent Auction,





Call the store for more details :)


Come support a great cause!



Check out what your Social Committe is planning for the next couple of weeks....


Sunday June 15, 2014

Father’s Day – Pancake Breakfast in the Park 10:00 am



Canada Day Weekend



End of School Party for the kids    2:00 – 4:00pm

Includes Bingo, hot dogs and prizes

50/50 Draw

Texas Hold ‘Em 7:00 pm

Fireworks (weather permitting)



Horseshoes 1:00 pm


50/50 draw

Dance 9:00 pm



July 12

Bus to Rama – Sign up at the Office (minimum of 10 people to sign up)

$5.00 deposit, return $5.00 once you have boarded the bus


August Long Weekend

Halloween/Haunted House



Aug 23

Bus trip to St Jacobs Market – Sign up at the office (minimum 10 people to sign up)

$5.00 to be returned at time of trip


September Long Weekend

Year End Draw for Seasonal (Buy your ticket from Joanne or Gini $20.00 each)

Year End BBQ and Dance


Events subject to change due to weather/volunteers/check for updates




June 2014 Newsletter


Well, it looks like we are going to have some hot weather this season after all, we are off to a fun and relaxing summer with the Victoria Day Long Weekend going off without a hitch.  Great fireworks, fun at the dance for young and old alike and the wagon was full of kids during the hayrides.  So glad to see everyone out and about, opening up their trailers and sprucing up their sites.


We have lots of fun things planned for the summer starting with our Father’s Day Breakfast, Sunday, June 15th at 10 am compliments of the social committee.  And it looks like the July Long Weekend will have events for people of all ages.  We have a schedule of events posted outside the office, come see what we have planned.  If you have any suggestions for events or would like to volunteer, please feel free to let anyone of us at the office know, we would be more than happy to assist you.

Clean up has been busy around the park for all of us, we are diligently during our best to provide as clean a park for your enjoyment as we can.  We appreciate all of you keeping your sites so neat and tidy, it really shows how much you all care about the park.  If there are times you can’t make it and need our assistance to cut your lawn, we will be happy to do so for a nominal fee.  If you neglect to cut your grass for a long period of time, we will cut your grass, again for a fee. 


Thanks to all of you that have been conscientious in recycling and composting, it really makes a difference to the amount of waste we accumulate on a weekly basis.  If you are unsure of what is to be recycled or put into waste, there are a few booklets in the office we can help determine the proper disposal route.  Just a reminder, recycling and compost are picked up Tuesday mornings and the large waste bin is emptied on Wednesday mornings.  If you have any large burnable items or any scrap metal you want to dispose of, we can help with these items, you can contact Norm or the office.  If you have leaves to be picked up, if they are bagged and placed at the end of your site, we will pick them up for composting.  Any leaves left in a pile not bagged will not be picked up.  Any lots not maintained at this point will be cleaned up by our staff and charged accordingly.

Finally, ALL PET OWNERS, please keep your dogs on a leash at all times.  There have been several complaints this year about dogs roaming around the park, and people not scooping up after their dogs.  We will be monitoring this problem closely this season.  In addition, if you allow your children to walk your dogs enforce the poop and scoop rule with them.  This makes for a nicer environment for all.

I am excited to let you know, we have purchased two new washing machines for the laundry room.  They are extremely efficient and can sense how much water to use, cutting back on water waste.  The price for the new machines will be $2.50/load (two loonies, two quarters).  We still have the old machines at the current price of $1.50/load.  Please remember the new machines will lock once you press the start button and you cannot open the lid until it is done.

Looking forward to the best summer yet, hope you are too


Your staff, Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor, Chloe and Norm

May 2014  Newsletter

            Welcome back everyone! It’s the best time of the year it’s the start of the camping season! We hope you all stayed safe and warm this winter season and are all ready to get back to doing some camping!

            Just a friendly reminder that as of May 1st the rest of your seasonal fees are due, if you have not paid them and have not made other arrangements with Rose please contact the office and set a time that you will be in to pay your fees. If something is not arranged a late fee will be charged weekly.

            With this time of year brings lots of spring cleaning, this is just a reminder to dispose of your waste properly using the recycling system and a reminder not to pile garbage outside of the dumpsters. As well to remind everyone to rake their leaves and leave them in clear plastic bags at the end of your lots for pickup. Also hazardous waste day will be held on May 24th from 8am to 3pm. You can either take it yourself or you can make arrangements in the office for us to take it. For more information please see the girls in the office. It is all of our responsibilities to make sure the park stay looking as beautiful as ever. Thank you all for you cooperation as always!

            Also if anyone has any old BBQ.s or anything scrap metal related items disposal arrangements can be made with Norm.

            As of right now we do not know the schedule of events for the upcoming long weekend so stay posted for further announcements posted at the office.  With mother’s day coming up we have a women’s social gathering coming up. All ladies are welcome to come visit and catch up on Saturday May the 10th! More details will be available in the store!

            Anyone looking to volunteer on the social committee this summer or just have any ideas for upcoming events there will be a meeting on the long weekend for anyone that is interested. All kinds of help are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there!

            Let’s start the 2014 season off on the right foot! Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend with family and friends and that this season is one of the best ones yet!

            There is an H & H Patio for sale in the park, the walls and the roof are in good shape, needs new floor.  If you are interested, please contact Rose at the office for more details.

All the best; Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor and Norm J


June Newsletter

            The first long weekend of the camping season has officially come and gone. The weekend was full of campers sharing laughs and good times with their family and friends. A special thanks to the members of the social committee for organizing such a fun filled weekend with activities that all went off without a hitch. Another special thanks to Jerry for doing such a great job Dj’ing the dance. Everyone looked like they had a great weekend leaving us all looking forward to the next one. 

            Speaking of long weekends Canada Day is just around the corner falling on June 28th. The social committee is planning events as usual and we hope that everyone will come out to participate. Canada Day events’ will take place on June 30th.  If you have friends or family who are interested in camping that weekend we only have non-service sites available. If anyone is interested in booking a non-serviced site call 519-925-2848 and reserve a spot today. We hope to see everyone here enjoying the camping atmosphere kicking off the start to summer vacation.

            As spring cleaning is still underway we would like to send a friendly reminder to all of our campers that the garbage bin is to be used respectively and conservatively. Time after time again we see garbage sitting outside the bin even when it is not full.  The garbage bin is there for everyone to use so be respectful and don’t over use your privileges to ensure that there is room left for everyone else to use the garbage bin. Thank you for your cooperation.

            With spring clean up progressing it is lovely to see the hard work and effort all of our campers put into maintaining their lots.  It is a pleasure to walk through the park and see the end products of all your hard work. Everyone is doing a great job making the park look as beautiful as ever. Thank you all for that.

                         Social committee events will be taking place throughout the summer on long weekends as usual.  A few dates to mark on your calendar:

June 30- Canada Day Festivities                                     July 5th – Gypsy Camper Weekend

August 3rd- Halloween in the Park                                 August 10th- Fiddle weekend

September 1st- Year End BBQ.                                        October 14th- Closing Day

Bug Repellent Tip:  Using a bounce sheet and a bounce sheet only, place it in your hat or in your pockets to prevent mosquitoes from bothering you while outside.

We are looking forward to the rest of the summer. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact any of the staff we’d be happy to help you.  Please read the back of this newsletter for important information regarding recycling.

Happy Camping! Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor and Norm.



May Newsletter

Well looks like we are in for a warm and wacky camping season for 2013.  We have had some amazing weather which gave us a jump start on clean up this spring and so many of you have also done the same.  Please remember to put all your leaves in clear or paper bags at the edge of your site and will gather them up.  If you notice something around our campground that would need our attention, please feel free to let us know what is going on so we can address it.  All of our staff has returned for another year, Roni and Taylor will be running the store/office and Norm and Billy will handle the grounds.  You can certainly ask any of our staff for assistance.

The social committee will be gathering for their first brain storming meeting on Saturday May 18th at 1:00 pm on the front porch of the main building.  We will be putting together a social calendar for 2013.  If you wish to host an event or would like to assist even for one hour this summer, please let us know.  Come join in on our meeting, we would love to hear your ideas.  We are not looking for a huge commitment just one or two hours a season.  Thank you to all the past volunteers, we have been very fortunate to have such helpful campers here at Primrose Park.

We are looking forward to our first long weekend of the season. we will post the up and coming events for the Victoria Day Long Weekend outside the office so check periodically for your entertainment. There will be a 50/50 draw, a dance on Sunday night followed by a spectacular fireworks show. 

All fees are now due for seasonal campers, if you have not been in to settle your accounts, please do so as soon as possible.  All seasonals must pay fees by May 1st, late fees will be applied at $25.00/week.  We recommend you leave a post dated check in October if you know you are coming back to avoid these late charges.  There are a couple of trailers for sale, see the bulletin board for details, if you have friends or family that would be a good fit for our campground you can pass along this information or check our website for details, we update our webpage on a regular basis for the most up to date specifics for you. 

We have done some clean up in front of the recreation barn and put down some grass seed, please remind your children not to play or ride their bikes on this section for the next couple of weeks while we wait for the grass to take root and grow, this will make it cleaner for our visitor parking in the back.

Also, for all you pet owners, rememberto clean up after your pets and always keep them on a leash.  Even though you may have the friendliest dog in the campground there are campers that have a genuine fear of dogs.  Not to mention that people walk their dogs around the park everyday and you don’t want your dog to chase down someone else’s. If your children are going to walk your pets, make sure they are strong enough to keep them under control and are willing to scoop up after them. 

Any finally, be a good neighbour.  I’ve always said “treat others as you wish to be treated”.  Our small town country atmosphere and friendly demeanour is what brings people to our park and keeps them here. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules and regulations, please come to Wil or Rose for clarification, we will be more than happy to discuss any questions you have.....Happy Camping

Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor and Norm




Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas to you all.  We have been closed for over a month now and it is so quiet around here, it’s just not the same without all of you.  Hope this letter finds you all well, safe and happy.  It certainly was a great summer full of fun and adventures.  We enjoy the time we get to spend with all of you. 


I did want to let you know I do have some sad news.  Jack Sabineon site 120 passedaway on Oct 30, 2012.  Jack and Barb have been at the park longer than we have so it’s been over 10 years that they have enjoyed the park.  Jack was always one of the first people here every season getting things ready and spent many, many days here at Primrose.  Jack walked with a cane after his motorcycle accident at age 19, but it never slowed him down, he lived to be 84 years old and we enjoyed the stories he use to share sitting on the front porch in the rocking chair.  Jack will be missed by his friends here at the park.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Barb and their families especially at this time of year.


As well, our camp dog Missy, also passed away a few days later.  On Nov 3rd, 2012 Missy laid down under one of her favorite camper’s trailer and went to sleep.  She never suffered and was still smiling the last day.  The park had been here home for 9 and a half years, many of you will remember her for acting like a speed bump on the road or coming to visit to snag a treat.  She too was part of our PrimrosePark family in a different way.


I hope each and every one of you take the time to rejoice in something wonderful that may have happened to you or your family recently.  We feel blessed for the friendships, the fun and the wonderful memories you have all provided for us.  We have people hear of a very giving nature and pull together as a family.  We were able to donate $260.00 to the Children’s Wish Foundation on money raised from the year end draw, congratulations to all of you.  Also, we donate all the proceeds received from the food we sell at our Enduro Race in October to the PrincessMargaretHospital.  This year we were able to donate $100.00 in memory of Dave Armstrong, one of the individuals that was instrumental in organizing the annual race here at Primrose as well as encouraging Wil to participate in the International 6 Day Enduro race in New Zealand in 2006.  Finally, all of you that generously donated food during the Fall Food Drive here at the Park we were able to collect approximately 50 pounds of food that went to help local families that needed it.  Thank you all for your continued support to the different causes of our community at large.  You have all been very generous.


With that note, we patiently await the snow so we can enjoy all the winter activities that this area has to offer.  Wil is working hard as usual at Aecon enjoying the challenges of construction every day.  Roni is finishing her first semester at University with great marks and renewed hopes and dreams.  Billy will be working at Mansfield Ski Club this winter and snowboarding when ever he can.  I will keep busy working at Sun Life Financial and start planning for a fun-filled season in 2013.  Norm is spending the winter here in Shelburne and has been out several times to help close up the park.  Thank you all for taking the time to share your lives with us every summer and we look forward to another fun filled season in 2013.  Take care and God Bless You All.

Wil, Rose, Roni and Billy








Please sign up at the office if you wish to have your trailer winterized.  The cost is the same as last year, $55.00 for your trailer unless you have a second bathroom or outside kitchen/shower it may be $65.00.  Please pay in cash, make sure we have a key and all winterizing must be complete by Monday Oct 8th, 2012 in order to qualify for the guarantee of service.




Deposits can be made in the office to hold your spot for the next season.  A minimum of $400.00 is due by October 1st, 2012 in order to guarantee your spot.  The fees for 2013 have increased, however, if the total fee is paid by May 1st, 2013 you will take advantage of the 2012 price.  Any fees not paid in full by May 1st, 2013 will be subject to the new price.  If you are leaving the park, you must also have your trailer and belongings removed by October 1st, 2012.  Any items left behind, will become Park property. 





Please remember as a seasonal it is your responsibility to clean your leaves up on your site.  Please put your leaves in clear garbage bags at the end of your drive way and we will clean them up.  If you rake them to the end of your driveway and leave them in a pile, we will not pick them up.  The last day to deposit garbage in our bin will be Oct 8th, 2012.  We cancel our garbage pickup after that weekend and it does not resume again until May 1st.  So please do not put any garbage in the bin after October the 8th.




Our last day is October the 8th, 2012.  The water and hydro will be shut off in the afternoon. 




If you wish to contribute to the Food Drive this year, we have a bin started in the office and if you have any left over non perishable food items, cleaning products or personal hygiene products, please feel free to donate them if every family brought in just one item, it would be a huge success.


Have a great winter, see you all in the spring! 

Your team Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor, Norm and Lori





Wow, if August is anything like July this will be by far the nicest summer we can remember in years.  We hope you have had a chance to enjoy the pool, have a campfire (when there wasn’t a fire ban) and meet someone new this summer.  As always we must say we have the best campers around.  The park looks better and better every year and the people just get friendly all the time.  August long weekend promises to be full of fun for all ages.  Times are subject to change to always check the schedule out on the front porch


Aug 4th, 2012 - Saturday – Halloween at PrimrosePark:

6:30 pm The kids come dressed in their Halloween costumes ready to go Trick or


8:30 pm Meet back at the park to take a Hayride back to the Haunted House –

              everyone of all ages are welcome.  Many hours of building goes into the

               Haunted House it is designed for all of you to attend. 

Aug 5th, 2012 - Sunday – It’s the Olympics at PrimrosePark:

            1:00 pm The kids can participate in the Olympic Games come join us at the Park

             1:00 pm Horseshoe tournament at the back field

             9:30 pm to 11:30 Halloween Dance at the Barn – Professional DJ – Jerry Daniel


Housekeeping Notes:  Please keep in mind the fire ban has been lifted but it is still dry so be safe and keep your flames low and never throw any type of fuel on the fire.  Always put your campfire out before going in for the evening. 


If you have any questions with regards to improvements or guest registration or anything to do with your seasonal site, refer to your contract and more specifically to the rules and regulations each and everyone of you have, we give them to all the seasonals.  If you are unclear on any matter, please come to us at the office and we will do our best to clarify the information we have provided.


We look forward to the Labour Day Weekend this year.  We will have our Year EndPot Luck Dinner on Sunday September 2nd.  You can sign up for the dinner at the office.  Don’t forget to purchase your Year End Draw Ticket.  The tickets are $20.00 each and every year we have had the draw the winning prize has never been any less the $1000.00.  Good luck to each and everyone of you.  We will be celebrating 10 yearshere at the park as well, Wil and Rose are celebrating their 25th Wedding  Anniversary.  Please join us for the Potluck dinner to celebrate all the good things we have had the pleasure of enjoying over the years.  We would love to see each and everyone of you out.  After dinner, Jerry will be DJing the Dance, so come out and put your dancing shoes on and join in on the fun.  We want to thank all of you for the fond memories.  You make us laugh out loud and have made our job here easier by always pitching in to help one another even when no one has asked. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for you do.  We are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer with all of you.

                                       Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor, Norm and Lori







July Newsletter


            Another month has flown by and the first weekend of July was another great success. With the help of the beautiful weather and great planning by the social committee we couldn’t have asked for a greater time. The weekend went off without a hitch. Everyone enjoyed the activities planned, the pig roast was delicious, the dance was a great time and the fireworks were beautiful! Special thanks to Jerry being the DJ at the dance and to all the members of the Social Committee your time and effort is greatly appreciated by everyone in the park.

            With the beautiful hot weather outside many of us resort to running our air conditioners all the time to keep cool.  We ask that you all try and conserve hydro by only having the air on while you are inside. If everyone has their air conditioners running all at once it will strain the parks hydro system and could potentially cause a blackout.  Similar to what has been happening in Scarborough this past week.  We understand that some of you require the air conditioning for health reasons but let’s all be energy conscience and do our part.  Thanks in advance for cooperating and conserving hydro.

            Along with the heat that the beautiful weather brings, it also causes our grass and tress to become very dry. Although there is no fire bans in Mono to date that doesn’t mean don’t take precautions.  Please try and conserve water by only using it when necessary, don’t water your grass, or wash your cars etc. remember we are all on one well system.  Please only water your flowers every 3 days.  The grass and trees are very dry as well so please keep flames from your campfires small and manageable.  All these things help ensure a safe, enjoyable camping experience for everyone here at the park.

            We would also just like to take this time to thank all of you great seasonal campers who have taken so much time and effort in maintaining your lots. Being able to walk around and see how each site brings something different to the park is an awesome feeling.  The effort each one of you put into your site is so easy to see and we would just like to thank you all again for helping make the park look great!


Natural Tips to Repel Mosquitoes


§                     The next time you’re barbequing, throw some sage or rosemary on the coals to repel the mosquitoes.

Did you know?

§                     Letting any water sit around your trailer is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

§                     Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothes, perfume, hair products, and sunscreen also fabric softener. 

We are looking forward to our next long weekend; it’s the August long weekend and all you seasonal’s know what that means….Halloween……Look for details on the bulletin board.  Here’s to another great month a head from your staff, Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor and Norm.

June Newsletter


Wow it’s hard to believe a month has flown by us already. The may long weekend was a great success. The weather was beautiful and all the events and activities went off without a hitch. With a special thanks to our social committee for planning and carrying out such a fun filled weekend.  The 50/50 was also a success and was claimed by 2 weekend campers.  Also a thank you to all of you who contributed to Robyn and Trent’s gift they enjoyed seeing you all.


Dates to remember:  June 17th, the social committee will be hosting breakfast

                                               July 7th, bus trip to Rama - $5.00 sign up at the office


Social Committee Activities for Canada Day Long Weekend


             11:00- Pool Party with Hotdogs and face painting

               4:00- Karaoke andPig Roast includes: Pig on a bun with Coleslaw and a drink

                         Under 5 is free, Ages 6-10 are $3.00 and Adults are $5.00

                         Families of 4 or more are $20.00

               7:30- Texas Hold’em in the Barn

               Dark- Fireworks


            11:00- Cupcake Decorating

              1:00- Canada Day Parade, Kids can decorate anything on wheels and everyone that decorates something of theirs with wheels gets a McDonalds Coupon

              2:00- Horseshoe Tournament

              8:30- Dance, wear your Canada Day Gear, their will be a toonie toss and spot dance prizes.

Many of you are asking about the opening date of the pool and as of right now we are hoping to have it open and running at the end of June for the Canada Day long weekend. 

            Congratulations to all of you seasonal campers who have been working hard maintaining your sites, it’s a wonderful feeling walking around and seeing the park look so beautiful thanks to all of your efforts. Keep up the excellent work.

            As of recently we have had the idea to transform the games room in the store to an exercise room for anyone 16 or older.  We would like your input to see if we would have enough interest to move forward with the idea. Also newly offered this season is freshly brewed coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the store for $1.50 a cup. Come try it out!

            As many of you know we have a new hazardous waste program here at the park. As of recently we have found out that the recycling bin used for getting rid of propane tanks is only for propane tanks 20 pounds or larger not the small green ones.  We will have our own collection for the small green ones so please hold on to them until we have set it up. Thanks for your cooperation.  Also part of the new hazardous waste program each seasonal camp site gets a free bag to collect batteries.  You can collect yours at the store.

Also, last piece of business, please do not help yourself to picnic tables around the park you may see on an empty lot.  It is not our responsibility to provide picnic tables to seasonal campers unless they are willing to purchase them, we can get them at our cost.  This goes for any items you may see whether it’s a deck, shed or patio stones, if it’s not on your lot, you don’t own it.  This rule has been in place since before we arrived 10 years ago. Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.

            Overall it’s been a great start to the season.  We are looking forward to the rest of what is shaping out to be a beautiful summer. 

Thanks from your staff at Primrose Park, Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor and Norm


May 2012 Newsletter


            Welcome back to all of our great campers! We hope you all had a relaxing and fun filled winter. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back enjoying the great outdoors this camping season, helping Wil and Rose celebrate their 10th year here at the park and the 40th camping season here at Primrose Park!


            The May Long Weekend will be here before we know it. During the long weekend you will all have the opportunity to reconnect or introduce yourself to other campers within the Park on Saturday May 26th at our meet and great.  There you will be able to meet Robyn’s new baby Trent.  Robyn has worked for us for the past 10 summers and she will be enjoying this summer at home with her son.  Those who would like to contribute to a group gift for him will be able to do so at this time as well.  More events and times will be posted at the office, Texas Hold ‘Em, a Dance hosted by our very own DJ, Jerry, come check it out. We hope to see everyone enjoying their long weekend.


            As well as events for the May Long weekend there is also camping. If anyone has family or friends interested in coming that weekend please know our service sites are all booked. But if interested we have tenting sites still available for tents and any trailers that can do without hookups. If you have any questions please feel free to come ask at the office.


Many of you’s already know but just a reminder to make sure all visitors are registered and accounted for this season.  It is important to have all your visitors sign in at the office when they arrive for their visit.  Even if you prepay for your visitors, we still need them to come and give us their vehicle information.  We require this information for insurance purposes as well as our own visitor tracking system.  So please inform your visitors upon arrival take 2 minutes to stop at the office and let us know who they are.  ALL VISITORS that are not on a visitor pass will be charged a fee to come into the park and the time will be recorded at their arrival.  If we find there is a problem with visitors not registered at the office, the seasonal will then become responsible for them and the charges will be added to their site fee.  Also just a friendly reminder for all of you campers who still have outstanding seasonal fees, you are now subject to late fees.



We are excited about a new recycling program this summer.  We will have two bins for Hazardous Waste, one for electronics and the other for propane tanks of all sizes. There will be a small bin at the front of the store for batteries and cell phones.  Please be mindful of the items you place in here and lets try to recycle properly to help preserve our beautiful area.  For all those campers looking to get rid of hazardous waste found in your trailers or sheds the bins will be here for the long weekend just in time to start the spring clean up.  It’s great to see you all back here after a good winter eager to get camping. Here’s to another great camping season ahead full of laughs, campfires and good friends.


Thank you!  The staff from PrimrosePark, Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Taylor and Norm.



Just to keep costs down we are thinking about putting the park phone on holiday for the winter months.  If you call the park phone and the phone is not in service, don’t panic, we would save about $107.00/month by putting our line on holiday.  Our website and email will be up and running and we can be contacted by email or if you need to speak to us, call our private line 519-925-0729. 


We you are in the office putting down your deposits for the 2012 season, if you wish to put your name on the email or text list, please provide your email address and/or cell numbers and we will start updating you by this method of communication.  Announcements can be sent to you by text during the summer so you don’t miss out.


Make sure all visitors are registered and accounted for.  It is important to have all your visitors sign in at the office when they arrive for their visit.  Even if you prepay for your visitors, we still need them to come and give us their vehicle information.  In the event of an emergency and your visitor has not signed in, there is no way of tracking them.  We require this information for insurance purposes as well as our own visitor tracking system.  So please inform your visitors upon arrival take 2 minutes to stop at the office and let us know who they are.  ALL VISITORS that are not on a visitor pass will be charged a fee to come into the park and the time will be recorded at their arrival.  If visitors leave in less than 1 hour a full refund will be given to the visitors.  If we find there is a problem with visitors not registered at the office, the seasonal will then become responsible for them and the charges will be added to their site fee.  Remember, any visitor not registered is considered trespassing.  If you have any specific questions to this matter, please see Rose for a more detailed explanation. 


When in doubt of any of the rules, please read your contracts.  Most of your questions will be answered by reading the rules and regulations, please take 5 to 10 minutes to read your contracts.  If the answer is not there, we will be happy to clarify. 


Clean up is always a big part of closing.  We will once again ask the seasonal campers to put all your leaves in clear garbage bags at the end of your site for pick up.  If you just pile the leaves at the end of your driveway, they may not get picked up right away.  Thank you for your co-operation in this matter, it is a big job and if we can get the majority of the clean up done now in the fall, spring clean up is a breeze.  Also, we will have one more large dump day it will be on Thanksgiving Weekend.  If you have any items other than regular kitchen garbage that is not to be put in the bin, please let us know at the office and we will make arrangements to have it taken to the dump.  There will be a charge, however, when we share the cost, it keeps the cost down.  Hazardous Waste Day is Saturday, Oct 3rd from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Public Works building across the road.  You can take any propane tanks, electronics, paint cans and so on that you would like to dispose of at no charge.  Finally, our garbage bin is closed after October 10th, 2011.  Please do not put any garbage in the bin after this date.  Have a safe and health winter, see you in May.

                                                                 Wil, Rose, Roni, Billy, Robyn, Taylor and Norm